[Mapserver-dev] (2nd) Displaying a layer generated "on the fly" in a map

Eric Bridger eric at gomoos.org
Tue Mar 9 09:20:23 EST 2004

When you say you're saving it to the hard disk, it's not clear to me
what you mean. Since a cgi script runs with every request why are you
saving it to the hard disk every time?  Are you calling $layer-draw()?

Perhaps you should post some segements of your PHP code.

Typically when you generate a layer "on the fly" you would call the
layers draw method.

On Mon, 2004-03-08 at 17:22, Thomas Shaw Obregón wrote:
> (I'm sending this question for second time, to be sure it was sent
> successfuly to the mailing list)
> Hello, I'm now using mapserver4 and I have 3 layers in a map that I can
> pefectly visualize, the way I'm doing it is with the php-mapscript. Those
> 3 layers are in shp format, but I also have to generate a new layer with
> some data inserted in a data base. The DB has 3 fields
> (latitude,longitude,price).
> I read the DB record by record and I'm generating  the layer 4 "on the
> Fly", when I finish it,I save it to the hard disk, but when I try to
> visualize it doesn't appears in the map, there only appears the first
> three layers. How can I do to visualize that 4rth layer in the map?
> I'll appreciate a lot if anyone  can help me with this.
> Thank
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