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Steve Lime steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us
Wed Mar 17 11:08:24 EST 2004

This discussion sort of withered on the vine. Issue number 3 is a big
deal especially with
WCS. We'll have a need to serve multiband images (8-bits/band) and
16-bit single band 
images from the same server. The same TIFF OutputFormat is not going
work for both of 
those cases. The other issues are import too. Anyone care to resurrect
or should I just
file bugs?


>>> "Steve Lime" <steve.lime at dnr.state.mn.us> 3/5/2004 10:53:06 AM >>>
I've moved this to mapserver-dev. Ok, to sum up:

1) Looks like formats for 1.0.0 are hardcoded. I can't say who's using
version more frequently but it seems to me that the process to output
formats should
be the same across versions even if what appears to the user is
different. I would
vote to sync that process.

2) Formats cannot be excluded from presentation. Bug already exists

3) There is no way (within the same mapfile) to have multiple versions
of the same format. To me this is a big problem especially with very
formats like TIFF. Can we simply choose to support one? Frank's makes
the most sense to me,
but I can see where simply a name may be to cryptic.

This covers almost everything in my original note except for 1 thing.
Why does tiff show up with 1.1.x capabilities documents if no tiff
image output
format is defined in the mapfile? The reason this is a problem is that
a tiff generates an error.


>>> Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca> 3/3/2004 2:27:08 PM
(Should we move this discussion to mapserver-dev?)

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> OK, looking in the code I see the following logic. Basically,
> WMS 1.0.0 format names are ideosyncratic I guess someone (perhaps
me?) made
> the decision to just hardcode and support a few formats.   

That was me.  (Not the decision on the format names, but the limited 

> One is, should we fix 1.0.0 WMS support to emit entries for all
> declared formats?  Perhaps using the name of the outputformat
> converted to upper case?  This would give us the "well known" names
> for the default GIF, PNG and JPEG formats and would allow arbitrary
> other formats to be listed.

That would be a good idea... as Frank suggested, a bug should be filed

if someone really cares about custom formats being listed in WMS 1.0.0

> The other issue is that there is currently no way to prevent the
> internally declared formats from appearing.  Basically, all the
> formats (if built in) will appear regardless of what output formats
> declared in the map file.  The predefined ones are listed here (from
> mapoutput.c):

There is already bug 455 which is indirectly related to that issue:


> If you see a need for being able to avoid pre-defined formats from
> showing up in the list in the capabilities then file another bug
> about this, but I think we should talk a bit about how to accomplish
> it without too much disruption.

One possibility could be a flag in the outputformat object that 
indicates whether a given format should be visible in capabilities. 
set of pre-defined formats would have some valid default settings so 
that things like text/xml doesn't appear in capabilities (see bug 455)

In a previous message, Frank also wrote:
> It seems to me there is some way of adding options to mime types. 
> we could have something like a mime type of "image/tiff+24bit" or
> Anyone know more about this?

There was a thread on this on WMS-Dev back in June/July of 2002:


There were two proposals, one by you (Frank):

    <Format>image/png; name=png8</Format>
    <Format>image/png; name=png24></Format>

and one by Craig Bruce from Cubewerx:

   image/png; PhotometricInterpretation=PaletteColor;
   image/png; PhotometricInterpretation=RGB; SamplesPerPixel=3;

It seemed that everyone agreed on the passing of additional

but not on the name of the parameters to use.

Jeff DLB concluded that email thread by saying that he would include a

note in the WMS spec.  I found the following note in the WMS 1.3.0 
discussion paper:

   The basic structure of a MIME type is a string of the form
   "type/subtype". MIME allows additional parameters in a string
   of the form "type/subtype; param1=value1; param2=value2". A server
   may include parameterized MIME types in its list of supported
   output formats. In addition to any parameterized variants, the
   server should offer the basic unparameterized version of the

However I didn't find anything specific to the name of the parameters
use to describe 8 bits vs 24 bits for instance.

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