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Yewondwossen Assefa assefa at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Tue Nov 9 13:52:08 EST 2004

It can be costly in some cases but I can also see the immediate use for
me in the time support where the user sends a request like Time=current
(or Time=now).

Steve Lime wrote:

> Hi all: Tom's recent post about time and WMS reminded me of a feature
> that might be useful for WCS/WMS and other interfaces. The ability to
> get a list of distinct values for an attribute within a layer. At the
> moment with WCS for example you have to explicitly enter all available
> times in metadata. Works fine for a few but would get tedious quickly. I
> could also see this as being a way to extend templates to be more
> dynamic (e.g. produce a select list) and data driven. It would be very
> helpful to be able to mine the data for that list. I'd like to propose a
> msLayerGetDistinct function that would return an array of all unique
> values for an attribute. What do folks think, other better ideas?
> Steve

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