[Mapserver-dev] Anyone mind me adding IDENT strings in MapServer?

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at dmsolutions.ca
Mon Oct 18 18:32:05 EDT 2004

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> In GDAL I use a macro to insert a static string in each object file with
> the CVS Id value.  This means I can easily inspect any executable, or
> shared library and determine what version of any given source file was
> built in.  For example:

Sounds good to me. Perhaps we should add a --disable-cvsid configure 
option for those who care about the extra kbytes that this would add to 
the binaries.

> I would add this pass through the code would be a good opportunity to add
> "standard headers" to all the source files.  We seem to have a variety 
> of styles
> ranging from Steve's (launch directly into the code ... to hell with 
> headers),
> to several variations on my normal style.  My would also appreciate 
> permission
> to add a header looking something like the following in each file that 
> has no
> current header.

I agree that a standard header would be more than welcome. A few notes 
on that though:

- The second paragraph of the MapServer license is slightly different 
from the official MIT/X11 license so you may have to edit the header 
that you proposed assuming that we go with that. Instead of ending with 
"...or substantial portions of the Software.", the second paragraph ends 
with "...or works derived from this Software."

- The copyright is owned by the University and not by the developers. 
Not sure if that really matters though. I haven't been paying much 
attention to that in the past.

- Some people don't like the long CVS logs at the top of a file. I 
personally don't think it would be a good idea to move them to the 
bottom, so on the question of CVS logs my preferences would be: CVS logs 
at the top in the header, or no cvs logs at all.

My 0.02$

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