[UMN_MAPSERVER-USERS] Install/Config Problems

Morten Hulden morten at UNTAMO.NET
Sun Apr 10 20:05:44 EDT 2005

Giridhar Manepalli wrote:

> I was successful in installing Mapserver with php mapscript on Fedora Core 2.
> Php version 4.3.10
> If anyone need any help regarding this configuration, I can help. I
> guess, there is something with Fedora Core 3 that developers of
> Mapserver need to look at!

I do not see this a FC3 specific problem, I think it happens whenever
PHP is compiled with the bundled GD library. The php_ prefix to GD
function names was introduced to the bundled GD package in PHP last
summer in order to prevent name space conflicts with other apache
modules that use GD, such as perl.

Now if PHP uses the bundled GD, mapserver 4.4.1 will still compile if I
point to external GD libs, but compilation of PHP_mapscript will fail.
On the other hand, if I try to trick mapscript to compile against PHP's
bundled GD then I get segfault at mapscript dl-time.

Could something similar to --with-php-regex-dir in mapserver configure
scripts solve this?

Of course recompiling PHP with external GD is an option, but then I am
out out sync with FC3 update packages, which means increased maintenance

> On Apr 9, 2005 9:21 PM, Morten Hulden <morten at untamo.net> wrote:
>>Giridhar Manepalli wrote:
>>>Currently, I am trying to install on Fedora Core 3, with php-4.3.11.  > I built it as a DSO similar to the working model.
>>If you get mapscript 4.4.1 to work on plain Fedora Core 3 I am
>>interested to know how you get around the fact that FC3 comes with a PHP
>>that has a bundled GD version where function names have a php_ prefix
>>that mapscript will not recognize.
>>Even if compile succeeds after some tricks, dl() segfaults because of
>>undefined symbols.
>>Recompiling PHP to use external GD seemed to be the only option last I
>>tried, but that was a while ago...

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