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Jerry Pisk jerry.pisk at GMAIL.COM
Mon Apr 25 20:53:05 EDT 2005


the easy way would be to use the C# mapscript and wrap it in a COM
interface. That's fairly trivial in .Net. But it would require .Net
runtime to be installed to run your app. Otherwise yes, you could
create a COM wrapper around mapserver, it's just a matter of designing
your objects (or copying mapscript's) and writing the implementation
(again, you can mostly copy mapscript).

I don't know if Delphi can call C code, if it can then your best
option would probably be that, writing Delphi wrappers that call
mapserver's C functions.

Jerry Pisk

On 4/25/05, Bart van den Eijnden <bartvde at> wrote:
> Hi list,
> maybe this is a stupid question, but would it be possible to generate a
> COM wrapper for Mapscript?
> My purpose would be using Mapscript from a desktop application (for
> instance Delphi), without the need for a webserver.
> Or would the only possible thing be to just interface with shp2img?
> Any thoughts?
> Best regards,
> Bart
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