WFS performance issue

Arnulf Christl (CCGIS) arnulf.christl at CCGIS.DE
Wed Feb 2 08:08:14 EST 2005

had a littel listserv problem, but it seems like i receive dev mails now too.

Please confirm whether I got this right: All WFS request going through
MapServer get a spatial filter prior to asking the database. If I select a
region thats fine, because then I explicitly specify a bbox. But this does
not make sense if the query is non-spatial for alphanumerical data only.
This featurebug only develops into a real problem when the underlying data
gets large.

What happens if I don't specifically set a spatial filter? MapServer
probably defaults to the WFS_EXTENT of the MAP file - is that true? I
could set a tiny little bbox in the wfs_extent as a workaround - but then
objects only within that region could be found? Any faults in my thinking?

we have several PG/PostGIS running on FreeBSD, Debian, SuSE and Mandrake,
just recently we added a PG 8.0 for Windoze (runs fine, PostGIS even is an
option in the setup - cool thing!).
Oracle is a license, version, maintenance (and pain) problem. But we have
several customers who use it and might let us do some testing.

For the problem at hand it wouldn't even make a difference, because both
databases show the same performance problem.

Tell us what you need to get tested.

Best Arnulf.

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