mappostgis.c and PostGIS 1.0.0

Arnulf Christl arnulf.christl at CCGIS.DE
Fri Feb 4 08:46:45 EST 2005

Paul Ramsey wrote:
> Has anyone tried mapserver as a WFS against PostGIS of any version? I
> have been trying to figure out how the <Filter>s are applied against
> database backends, perhaps something I can do as I loll about in bed
> this afternoon, but it was not immediately clear to me.
> That said, I guess you were also having problems with WMS, right Tom?
> P

We have a PostGIS 0.9 on FreeBSD with MapServer 411 running as WMS and
WFS on the same data.
Both Capabilities, getMap, getFeatureInfo, DescribeFeature, getFeature
are fine. We can provide a MAP file including data sql dump and shape.

Works fine for post codes (we just shreddered the placenames tbale in
the database so the city search wont work). What do you want to know
about it?

We'll get a PostGIS v1 up and running asap - I missed that its out
already (are you reading this Ben?).

What am I doing the whole time? Must be lolling around in bed while the
rest of the world is working hard...

I always thought it was me who is too slow - did it ever cross anybodys
mind that we/you/MapServer dev could be 2fast4anybody?


> Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:
>> I've been trying for between mapserver-users and postgis-users to figure
>> this one out (I'm starting to feel like one of thoese guys).
>> Has anyone successfully tested MapServer CVS with PostGIS 1.0.0RC2?  I'm
>> trying to do this, and after much debugging and testing, it looks like
>> the MapServer code needs to be updated for the new PostGIS dist.
>> Test:
>> Here is what's been done successfully:
>> - configure PostGIS DB
>> - insert sample data
>> - fetch sample data via psql
>> - configure mapfile to connect with the following:
>>   CONNECTION "user=postgres dbname=devgeodb"
>>   DATA "the_geom from service_resources"
>> - Run OGC:WFS GetCapabilities
>> - Run OGC:WFS DescribeFeatureType
>>  - response as expected, I can see the table schema via XML output
>> ...when I go to run GetFeature, no data comes back.  DescribeFeatureType
>> works, so I know the connection is ok.  I'm wondering if the data
>> fetching bindings in PostGIS 1.0.0RC2 have changed, and if MapServer
>> needs to update these.
>> I'm miffed.
>> ..Tom

Arnulf B. Christl

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