Is the MapServer code supposed to be ANSI C?

Petter Reinholdtsen pere at HUNGRY.COM
Sun Feb 6 17:35:38 EST 2005

[Stephen Woodbridge]
> I am also concerned that the huge amount of work the Petter is doing
> needs to get integrated into the source. If there is no one that has
> the time to integrate these patches, then I think you should
> seriously consider giving Petter full CVS access so he can check
> them in his self.

While I appreaciate your trust, I must say I do not really want CVS
write access.  It is comforting to know that at least one more pair of
eyes have reviewed the changes I propose before they are admitted into
the official release.  Not that I would dream of commiting untested
changes into CVS, but mistakes always happen anyway.  Also, I hope
everyone is aware of what I wrote in my introduction email.  I'm not
getting involved with mapserver for the long run.  I'm here to try to
get it ready to be included in Debian.  That includes improving the
code quality and finding as many bugs as possible up front.  When it
is included, I will move on to PostGIS to get that part of Debian GIS
ready for Debian too.

But there are no doubt that having CVS write access would speed up the
process of getting the code to work on all the archs in Debian, and to
fix the bugs detected in the process.  I would welcome such access,
and still pass the larger patches for review on the mailing list or in
Bugzilla.  After all, I do not yet understand how most of mapserver
work.  I can find and fix nobrainer problems (like unused variables
and C++ type comments), but haven't full understanding of the logic in
the mapserver source.

[Sean Gillies]
> Before we add _another_ developer who has aims to broadly overhaul
> the source, I suggest we have some discussion and even codification
> of MapServer's mission, scope, and development policies.  I'm not
> proposing a full blown bureaucracy, just a simple framework that
> makes it easy to bring new developers onboard and keep everybody
> rowing in the same general direction whatever that may be.

This would be most welcome, independent of my write access to CVS. :)

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