Possible infinite loop

Jan Singer jsinger at EGGMOUSE.COM
Wed Feb 9 17:22:19 EST 2005

Dear Devs,

today I tried to update a working mapserver from 4.0.1 to 4.4.1 (due to
a server change). The mapfile, which was working fine with the old
version, causes trouble with the new version resulting in a segmentation

I found out that the function msEvalContext() in maputil.c calls the
msLayerIsVisible() in mapdraw.c, which itself calls msEvalContext()
again under circumstances - which I had with my mapfile.

As a quick hack I changed maputil.c, function msEvalContext(), line 175
(version 4.4.1) from

visible = msLayerIsVisible(map, (map->layers[i]));


visible = map->layers[i].status != MS_OFF;

That's not really a fix, I suggest :-)

Maybe someone has a better solution for this issue.



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