Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Mon Feb 14 14:29:56 EST 2005

Here's my wishlist:

-  Explore the (optional) use of the Apache Portable Runtime
<http://apr.apache.org/> inside of MapServer.  For many of the string,
thread, and hash functions/objects in maputil.c, we could replace them with
the APR versions.  This effort could get us closer to a mod_mapserver and
allow us to easily grab other functionality when we need it.

Those that I hope to make happen before 4.6/4.8
- Joins for SDE.  It would also be nice to have joins be uniform across all
of the datasources that implement them, rather than having each datasource
define its own syntax and implmentation.

- Finish up the SDE Raster support so that it is no longer declared
"experimental".  This might mean helping Frank et. al. implement SDE
rasters as a datatype in GDAL and going in about it that way.

- More automation and test reporting of my nightly windows build
suite.  Move my build suite to Python 2.4 and MSVC 7.1.

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