Attila Csipa plists at PROMETHEUS.ORG.YU
Mon Feb 14 18:10:25 EST 2005

On Monday 14 February 2005 22:24, Ed McNierney wrote:
> However, good old general-purpose CPUs do 2D graphics just fine, and I
> don't expect MapServer to be able to gain much from any hardware
> graphics acceleration.  There's a certain setup/communications overhead
> to any hardware graphics acceleration, and that's usually more than made
> up for by the complexity of the rendering operation.  If you're asking a

In theory, there are parts you could use. These could be for example rotating,
scaling and blending raster or already rendered vector layers, use of
hardware anti-aliasing, etc. I'm not that much into low level accelerator
programming so I wouldn't how how much you would gain (if anything) by these
operations, or how much memory bandwidth could be saved by, say, caching
raster layers in accelerator memory, etc. Perhaps someone proficient with
OpenGL could give a rough analysis ?

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