Fernando S. fsimon at UNIVALI.BR
Tue Feb 15 06:52:53 EST 2005

Hi folks,
   For Oracle Spatial support:
      - The first thing is improve the performance for query's.
      - The second I believe that is the support for retrieve the 3D
data from Oracle Spatial.

    I believe that is it. More hints?

Fernando Simon
G10 - Laboratorio de Computacao Aplicada - Brazil
http://g10.cttmar.univali.br - UNIVALI/CTTMAR

Bart van den Eijnden wrote:

> Hi list,
> I for one (but then again I am curious by nature :) ) would be very much
> interested whether or not the main developers of Mapserver maintain their
> own wishlist for future Mapserver features, and if they would be willing
> to share them with the community.
> Sometimes a lot of things are on a wishlist, which don't get funded. But
> ofcourse things need to be known to people in order to have a higher
> chance of getting funded. And a lot of things wouldn't even come to the
> mind of a user, but which could be essential for the development of the
> software.
> Also, if there are a lot of large/heavy points on the wishlists, it may
> require funding from several parties which team up together.
> Ofcourse Steve already showed a part of his wishlist at the MUM2
> conference, on which GEOS integration featured, as well as better
> J2EE/.NET support for Mapserver (if I recall correctly).
> On other occassions I have seen e-mails about enhancing the cartographic
> features of Mapserver.
> What else is on the lists?
> Best regards,
> Bart
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