Formal MapServer Technical Committee Proposal

Frank Warmerdam fwarmerdam at GMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 12 15:17:58 EDT 2005


Well, it look me several extra weeks to get back and revise the
Technical Steering Committee proposal, but it is now updated and
available at:

For those (ie. in the user community) who haven't heard of this
effort before, it is an attempt to add some formality and process
to how the developers decide technical issues.   I don't think the
technical folks have had many arguments so far, but I have felt
it is hard for us to actually make decisions on some things.  I hope
this will improve that. 

I think this takes into account most of the advise received.   A few

 o For the time being I have explicitly removed the web site and
    documentation from the purview of the Technical Steering Committee
    to keep things minimalist. 

 o I have removed discussion of how we will manage proposal documents
   other than that they should initially be announced and voted on
   mapserver-dev.   I think we will use some mixture of bugzilla and 
   the web site for this, but I am leaving it for the committee to define
   how that will work. 

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