MapScript in Delphi

Sean Gillies sgillies at FRII.COM
Fri Jul 15 12:05:11 EDT 2005

On Jul 15, 2005, at 7:36 AM, Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> On 7/14/05, Daniel Morissette <dmorissette at> wrote:
>> I have also heard comments here and there about working on a clean C 
>> API
>> for the MapServer core, so perhaps this could be a good time to start
>> cleanining up the core as well, instead of just building another
>> MapScript wrapper.
>> =20
>> If this moves ahead then I'll come up with a formal TSC proposal. For
>> now I'm sending this to find out if anyone has any advice to offer, or
>> comments/suggestions on the way they would prefer to see things being 
>> don=
> e.
> Daniel,=20
> I am in favor of pegging down a more complete and "guaranteed"
> C API closely related to the way services are presented in MapScript.
> Should that occur, in theory all we need to make it useable from Delphi
> is make all the interface functions use the STDCALL convention on=20
> win32, though it would be desirable to build a bunch of wrapper Pascal
> code to provide nice object interfaces.=20
> Of course, doing so would add a high-maintenance binding. =20

Daniel, Frank,

Can we split this into two proposals? I have no interest in Delphi, but 
I am very interested in helping on a C API.


Sean Gillies
sgillies at frii dot com

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