WFS PropertyIsEqualTo does not return the right features

Bart van den Eijnden BEN at SYNCERA-ITSOLUTIONS.NL
Thu Jun 23 07:49:41 EDT 2005

Hi list,

I have just run into the following issue with Mapserver 4.6, but I could also replicate the issue with older versions.

When performing a WFS PropertyIsEqualTo with an attribute filter, no features are returned while they are present in the dataset.

Using ogrinfo with a where clause does return the right features.

I have opened up bug 1393 about this with a testcase, hopefully somebody knows what could be going on.

Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

Bart van den Eijnden
Syncera IT Solutions
Postbus 270
2600 AG  DELFT 015-7512436
email: BEN at

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