Carriage return/Line feed / space at end of line

Huub Fleuren hfl at HOME.NL
Thu Nov 10 04:29:58 EST 2005

Hi Frank,

For us it is both risky and too time consuming to upgrade (recompile) on 
(i've been stuck on this for almost a week on this allready)

I suppose that it can be checked with any of your own testcases for 

I have some more info for you though.

The error was found after the truncated DATA statement in the 
mapserv.log file appeared not to execute in pgAdmin if the lines end in 
a table_name


"select blabla from table_name inner join table_name... " = ok

"select blabla from table_name
  inner join table_name... " = not ok

Is the next line is concatenated to the name in postgres?
(where a cr is whitespace and lf is not (once in postgres))

So it may be a bug in postgres, but than mapserver is the client: maybe 
put the complete statement in one line, inserting whitespace where 


Frank wrote:

 >    try upgrading to 4.8 beta1

 >>a single white space at the end of every file seems to be necessary

 >>If you edit a mapfile on windows and then copy it to a linux machine 
there is the danger that this white space is not there
 >>an ascii 10 (\n or LF ) is not considered to be whitespace it seems.
 >>a nascii 13 (\r or CR) is considered to be whitespace.

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