4.8 release plan

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Tue Nov 22 16:42:46 EST 2005

Howard Butler wrote:
> Are we still on track for a release?  Should we be cutting a beta 2 soon?

I can't see why not, I was actually starting to think about beta2 as well.

Actually, I realized that beta2 was never announced because it was 
wrapped up only a few minutes before I left for the Brazilian MapServer 
meeting and I never sent an announcement.

The Brazilian meeting was great BTW... they've got a very nice group 
there and some very cool uses of the software, the atmosphere reminded 
me of the first MapServer meeting in Minneapolis: relatively small group 
(80-100 people), but lots of energy in the air.

Back to the 4.8 beta, unless anyone has objections, let's plan for 
wrapping up beta2 tomorrow to have it available before the end of the week.

> Also, have all of the additions specified in RFCs been committed and 
> complete at this time?
> Looking over the RFCs in <http://ms.gis.umn.edu/development/rfc>, I 
> think it is important that we put the version in which these changes 
> were implemented into the RFC.  I volunteer to take on the task of doing 
> so for what we have currently (in both CVS and the website).  I think 
> this will be important for reconstructing history.

Good point. Perhaps a RFC needs to be officially marked as "closed" once 
its implementation is completed, and then the close date and release 
version is added to the RFC header.

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