Bug 1443

Stefano B. stefano.bonnin at COMAI.TO
Fri Nov 25 04:36:58 EST 2005


I have recently read about bug 1443 (about "using unique" clause).
My apollogies for my previous post about this bug but I didn't see it before.

I have tryed to using only "using SRID=-1" instead of "using unique att using SRID=-1" but another error occoured:

msPOSTGISLayerRetrievePK(): Error executing POSTGIS statement (msPOSTGISLayerRetrievePK():select attname from pg_attribute, pg_constraint, pg_class where pg_constraint.conrelid = pg_class.oid and pg_class.oid = pg_attribute.attrelid and pg_constraint.contype = "p" and pg_constraint.conkey[1] = pg_attribute.attnum and pg_class.relname = "(SELECT the_geom,gid,type,name from places WHERE site_id = 1037 and layer = 'lyr_1158') as foo" and pg_constraint.conkey[2] is null

I think that the error is occoured because in my select query there is the ' that is not escaped.

Is this another bug?

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