floating point tips ?

Attila Csipa plists at PROMETHEUS.ORG.YU
Fri Oct 7 09:28:31 EDT 2005

I'm playing with an IXP ARM big endian machine and wanted to see just for 
kicks if it can compile/run MapServer - to my surprise the compile was pretty 
easy and it didn't take much to get it fully operational. These machines as 
many handhelds don't have a hardware floating poing unit and this cripples 
their MapServer performance. Unfortunately I don't have a full setup on that 
machine so for the moment native profiling is out of my reach. I'd like to 
ask for some tips form people who are more familiar with the actual 
calculating parts, to see which parts of MapServer need to be checked out and 
perhaps optimized for integer performance for XScale and other soft-float 
applications. (just for comparison, mpg123 vs libmad has a performance 
advantage of at least a magnitude for doing the same thing with integers 
instead of soft-float)

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