New 4.8 release plan proposal

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Sun Oct 23 16:48:27 EDT 2005

We got no change request for my 4.8 release plan proposal, Jani and 
Frank said that they will be able to complete their stuff in time, and I 
have no news from Steve so we'll assume that he's okay too.

So I would like to open the vote on the following 4.8 release plan 
proposal. I put myself as release manager since nobody else has 
volountered yet and to avoid having to revisit this question in a few days.

For the next release of MapServer, I would like to propose that we 
continue with the 6 months release cycle that we've had for the last few 
releases, so that would mean the following target dates for a 4.8.0 release:

- Feature Freeze: October 31st
- 4.8.0-beta-1: November 3rd
- 4.8.0-beta-2,3,...
- Final 4.8.0 release: Dec. 19th

Release manager: Daniel Morissette (If someone else wants to volounteer 
then you should speak up ASAP so that the TSC can vote on the release 
manager before Oct 31st).

I'll open the vote with a +1.


P.S. Oct 31st is coming fast, only 8 days away.
  Daniel Morissette               dmorissette at
  DM Solutions Group    

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