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Dear Sir,

My Software is available for free at download page in my site





Mohamed Elsayed Elshayal


El-Shayal Smart Web On Line©

8 Taha Houssin St. 

Zamalek - Cairo


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Elshayal Smart© package is an almost First Arabian GIS software© which completely developed by Arabian developers team and independent of any commercial software package


1.       The software is a GIS standalone applications that Read Shape file and its atribute table and present them in layers and give the user the full GIS tools such as ( zoom in , zoom out , pan , full extend ,  selection , measure distance )  and view these layers as 2D & 3D  

2.       The software allows the user to creat a Network and  measure  the Shortest Path between 2 points in any LINE layer. 

3.       It also have Query builder module which allow the user to search throu the attribute table of any layer.

4.       GPS Module read from the GPS Deveice and can covert the Lat & Long to 23 projection coordinates system such as (Airy , Australian National , Bessel 1841 , Bessel 1841 (Nambia) , Clarke 1866 , Clarke 1880 , Everest , Fischer 1960  , Fischer 1968 , Fischer 1968 , Fischer 1968 , Fischer 1968 , Hough , International , Krassovsky , Modified Airy , Modified Everest , Modified Fischer 1960 , South American 1969 , WGS 60 , WGS 66 , WGS-72 , WGS-84 ) 

5.       Selection Module Allow the user to select from the map or the table


Elshayal Smart© has other versions which work on Internet Server or smart devices like PDAs, and pocket PCs.  


Versions and Platforms: 

1.        "El-Shayal Smart GIS Editor©" for browsing maps on the desktop and laptop computers ( windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003)

2.        "El-Shayal Smart GIS Net©" for browsing maps on the Internet Server (windows server 2000, 2003)

3.        "El-Shayal Smart GIS Mobile©" for browsing maps on the PDA & Pocket PC (windows CE .Net)


Current Features 

View shape maps, 2D & 3D, add layers, delete layers, swap layers, layers properties, zoom in, zoom out, pan, identify, Selection, Data base table, Query builder, Create network, Shortest path, Printing, Save as image , Save map and chatting, and GPS, convert between 23 projection coordinates system 


Expected Features 

1.        Editing and Creating New Maps.

2.        Read other map formast such as DXF Format and Tiger Line Format 

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