Proposal to add Steve Woodbridge to the TSC

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Thu Apr 13 13:56:40 EDT 2006

Sean Gillies wrote:
> For as long as I've been involved with MapServer, Steve Woodbridge  has 
> been a contributor to discussions not only on MapServer usage,  but also 
> on project architecture, governance, and direction. I've  appreciated 
> his insights, and would like for us to encourage and  empower Steve by 
> giving him a position on MapServer's technical  steering committee. In 
> accordance with our rules, I propose that we  add Steve Woodbridge as a 
> TSC member, and cast my +1 vote.

I am a bit hesitant with this proposal. Please don't get me wrong, I 
have no problem with Steve personally, but so far all members of the TSC 
were contributors in term of source code, documentation, website or 
other tangible contributions.

By adding Steve, we would open the door to TSC members who have been 
contributing mostly in terms of user support or comments via the lists. 
My hesitation comes from the fact that I am worried about dissolving the 
TSC too much if we start going that route. Without thinking much about 
this, I can think of at least Bart van den Eijnden and Tom Kralidis who 
contributed at least as much as Steve in advice, user support and QA 
efforts to the project (and I'm sure there are a few others that I can't 
think of right now). To be consistent we should consider them for 
membership too (and I'm not proposing that we do that).

Perhaps there have been off-list discussions and arguments that would 
justify broadening the TSC, if that's the case then I'd like to hear 
them, otherwise, for now I'll vote +0.

Daniel Morissette

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