request for new mapserver features

Peter Freimuth (MapMedia GmbH) pf at MAPMEDIA.DE
Mon Apr 24 05:08:15 EDT 2006

Dear mapserver-dev Team,
in context of using mapserver to generate a digital nautical mapchart
out of s57 data (imported into postgres/postgis), we found two missing
features to solve this task. Both features can be useful in a lot of
other areas.
- new feature type ARC, defined by
StartAngle in Degree (west=0/360, north = 90 ,east=180,south=270)
EndAngle in Degree or ArcAngle (negative value means clockwise direction)
the feature can be used in the same manner as every other line or
polygon feature
gd supports drawing of arcs so it should be not a big problem to
introduce the parameters in the mapfileparser and to handle this
featuretype inside of the current drawing routines.
- draw a symbol at the center of polygons or lines (it is possible for
labels so why not for symbols); it is possible to solve this inside of
postgis, but i think it would also be a nice funtion for other datasources.

Thanks for your interest and any feedback to this!
Kind regards

Mit freundlichem Gruß
Peter Freimuth

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