PHP/Mapscript still has a memory leak

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Fri Aug 11 10:10:32 EDT 2006

There is always the possibility of a leak, but as Ned pointed out 
chances are high that this is just caused by memory fragmentation.

And even if there is a leak, there is nothing that tells us (yet) that 
it is in PHP MapScript and not in PHP or in other support libs used by 
the precache script. If you could run your process under Valgrind that 
would tell you right away if there is a leak (and where) and then that 
would help us help you a lot.


Ned Harding wrote:
> Just because the memory goes up over time doesn't mean it is necessarily
> a memory leak of that size.  It could easily be memory fragmentation.  I
> have been fighting this same issue in one of our apps that didn't have
> any leaks at all but ran out of memory all the same.
> Ned. 
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> Hi Daniel,
> I just updated to mapserver nightly (Aug 9, 2006) and I'm running the
> ka-map precache2.php modified to run in apache. The previous fix to
> solve the leaking file handles improves things greatly, but there is
> still a memory leak.
> If I restart apache and fire off the script it uses a modest amount of
> memory, under 300MB for the process. Since I'm running 25000 scale, it
> runs a long time, and after 24 hours the process is using over 1GB of
> memory.
> I can send my copy of precache2.php if that would help. The mapfile
> uses:
>      NAME PNG8
>      DRIVER "GD/PNG"
>      EXTENSION "png"
>      MIMETYPE "image/png"
>    END
> I assume this is reproducible with any mapfile. I'll write a bug on this
> also.
> -Steve

Daniel Morissette

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