Bug 1322 Comments

John Novak jnovak at NOVACELL.COM
Tue Aug 15 01:04:08 EDT 2006

I apologize for sending this to the dev list.  I have signed up for a 
Bugzilla account and am waiting for confirmation to allow updates to the 
bug description.

I'm including the changes I'm trying to add to the comments for 1322, as 
I do not want to lose them:

I've made a temporary change to my php_mapscript.c to address this issue.

I've added calls to getpid and gettimeofday to php3_ms_img_saveWebImage.

int iPID = getpid();
gettimeofday( &stTimeVal, NULL );

I have also changed the sprintf calls as follows:

sprintf( pBuf, "%s%04x%08x%08x%04d.%s", ", pImagepath, iPID, 
stTimeVal.tv_sec, stTimeVal.tv_usec, nTmpCount, pszImageExt );


sprintf( pBuf, "%s%04x%08x%08x%04d.%s", pImageurl, iPID, 
stTimeVal.tv_sec, stTimeVal.tv_usec, nTmpCount, pszImageExt );

I went with hex file names as this is a more compact representation and 
the files don't really need to be human readable.

This is working for me on a 64 bit Fedora Core build.  The gettimeofday 
call should probably be replaced with a slightly reworked version of the 
call supplied by maptime.c, which seems to be set up for all platforms, 
but not for storing microseconds.

Best Regards,

John Novak

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