compiling with new directives (INCLUDE)

Huub Fleuren hfl at HOME.NL
Wed Aug 16 09:16:50 EDT 2006

Hi Frank,

Well eh... of course i'm not sure if /*that*/ is really working (since i 
mis the point of it) but mapserver compiled and i got my image from 
Oracle data... that's what worked.
It's just that the define was missing in mapthread.h

#define TLOCK_TMPFILE should be inserted with  value below 20 then.

Regards, Huub

Frank Warmerdam wrote:
> Huub Fleuren wrote:
>> a propos mapthread.h:
>> it says:
>> #define TLOCK_MAX       100
>> but
>> #define TLOCK_TMPFILE 200 works anyhow
> Huub,
> How sure are you that it is really working?  Certainly the mutex
> won't have been initialized properly.
> By the way, new locks need to be below TLOCK_STATIC_MAX (20), not 
> I think I originally introduced TLOCK_MAX with the expectation that we 
> would
> allow dynamic allocation of new locks as things go, but this proved to be
> unnecessary and the capability was never implemented.
> Best regards,

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