Minutes of IRC meeting

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Wed Aug 16 17:22:12 EDT 2006

Thanks to everyone who attended the MapServer 4.10 IRC meeting this 
afternoon. I have attached the minutes of the meeting to this email. 
Hopefully I didn't forget anythng important.

The next IRC meeting is planned for Friday Aug 25th at 3pm eastern.

Daniel Morissette
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MapServer 4.10 IRC meeting on Aug 16, 2006:

1- New QA/Test Checklist
2- Buildbot
3- 4.10-beta1 tomorrow
4- Bug triage session
5- libgd insanity
6- Features (are GEOS methods in PHP)
7- Documentation/website strategy
8- Next meeting

1- New QA/Test Checklist

Quick discussion on the QA and testing. We all agree to maintain the
checklists for each beta/release.

New testers added Denis Nadeau (Linux) and Bart van den Eijden (Linux)

Note to all testers: don't forget to test some bare bones configs and not
only configs with all options enabled.

2- Buildbot

Kudos to Howard for setting this up. He will also look at setting up
MacOSX and Windows BuildBot slaves.

3- 4.10-beta1 tomorrow

Still on schedule.

4- Bug triage session

Everybody should review their assigned bugs and update their status.

Bugs to be fixed in 4.10 should be marked with the "4.10 Release" target

A few bugs were discussed, the following decision was made:

- Bug 1608: szekerest got the green light to make SWIG properties readonly
  as soon as possible, no later than beta2.
  (proposed by FrankW, seconded by danmo and thirded by hobu, with friendly
   comments from sdlime)

New Feature list:

  # MS RFC 9: Item tag for query templates
  # MS RFC 11: Support for Curved Labels
  # MS RFC 13: SOS support
  # MS RFC 14: Relative Coordinates for INLINE features
  # MS RFC 16: MapScript WxS Services
  # MS RFC 18: Encryption of passwords in mapfilesCurved Labels
  # WMC 1.1 support
  # SLD support in Web Map Context
  # Mapfile includes
  # GEOS rewrite to use C API and new methods exposed
  # GEOS methods ported to PHP MapScript (only in SWIG MapScript before)

5- libgd insanity

- Curved Labels require GD 2.0.29 and up (bug 1750)
- 1 pixel antialias lines bug require patch

 - Howard: Unix compilation HOWTO needs updating with GD details
 - Daniel: Fix bug 1750 to require GD 2.0.29 and up in configure

6- Features (are GEOS methods in PHP?)

GEOS 2.2.2+ required

- SteveL: Update mapscript.txt
- SteveL: Add GEOS tests to python test suite
- Assefa: Implement missing methods in PHP
- Assefa and Jeff: Update PHP docs
- Daniel and Frank to coordinate to update configure to detect GEOS 2.2.2+
  based on GDAL's configure

7- Documentation/website strategy

Status of docs for new features:
- RFC 9: Item tags: sdlime will do
- RFC 11: Curved Labels: sdlime will do
- RFC 13: SOS (done, Assefa)
- RFC 14: relative coordinates (sdlime?)
- RFC 16: MapScript WxS services (done, FrankW)
- RFC 18: Encryption of passwords (partly done, the rest in a bug assigned
  to jmckenna)
- WMC 1.1 enhancements... daniel to check if any update required
- GEOS changes in PHP: Assefa/jmckenna will update PHP docs
- GEOS rewrite to use C API and new methods: sdlime to update mapscript.txt

With respect of versioning of docs on the Plone site, the preference is 
to maintain a single version of each document and label new features 
with a version number.

8- Next meeting

Next meeting Friday 25th at 3pm eastern, a few days before beta2 which is
scheduled for Monday Aug 28th.

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