Bug 1803, Upcoming breaking changes for 4.10.0-beta1

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at GMAIL.COM
Thu Aug 17 08:48:57 EDT 2006


> It would be nice to get this settled though for this release. I can see
> where we don't want people
> overwriting elements that are already in place. Immutable just means the
> object itself can't be
> overwritten not that it's properties cannot be modified, correct?

Yes, the properties of the referenced objects can be modified freely.

> Why would we even want constructors for things like a label without
> methods to safely add
> them to a parent object? With classes and layers we have those methods.

Since creating an object is considered as a safe operation i have not
addressed this issue here. However it would be reasonable to make such
objects uncreatable.

> I think you can safely hide the labelPathObj, that should not be
> exposed. I think the others
> should be immutable too (assuming I understand the problem correctly),
> the question is how
> many scripts will the change break and should backward compatability
> breakage be limited
> to major releases (e.g. 5.0).

Those scripts are *erroneous* !  It would be desirable to force the
users to put them into a good shape as soon as possible.


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