MapServer at OSGeo booth in Lusanne...

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Wed Aug 23 12:52:11 EDT 2006

I can take a few turns as well, but the same way as Steve I don't want 
to spend most of my time in a booth. (And I will already have a Mapgears 
booth/table to try to attend to as well.)


Howard Butler wrote:
> I will be able to sit in the booth some.
> At 11:32 AM 8/23/2006, Steve Lime wrote:
>> Folks: Perhaps the title of the forward of forward I sent last week
>> didn't entice folks to read it. Perhaps
>> this will. The OSGeo folks are hopeful that member projects will staff
>> a booth at the upcoming conference.
>> I'm willing to do a bit, but won't let it get in the way of the
>> conference or schmoozing. Anyone else?
>> Steve

Daniel Morissette

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