MSAutotest WxS on windows

Normand Savard nsavard at MAPGEARS.COM
Mon Aug 28 15:19:12 EDT 2006

Frank Warmerdam wrote:

> Folks,
> In the IRC meeting today I agreed to try and get the MSAutotest
> WxS tests working roughly on windows.  I dug into the problems and it
> turned out the main issue was with quoting of the command lines.  It
> was done like this:
> # RUN_PARMS: wcs_cap.xml [MAPSERV] 
> But for windows needed to use double quotes instead of single quotes:
> # RUN_PARMS: wcs_cap.xml [MAPSERV] 
> I have applied this to all wxs/*.map files except for 
> which
> includes some double quotes in the query string.  This one will require
> greater care I think, likely changing the internal double quotes into 
> whatever
> the proper  url escape sequence for " is.
I url encoded double quotation in query_string found in and

> I also fixed some problems with CRLF conversion.  The templates were in
> DOS format but this was getting wiped in some circumstances resulting in
> comparison failures.  I just "upgraded" all files to unix text 
> conventions.
> There are still some errors, but I'll turn that over to Bart (and perhaps
> Norm or others interested) including:
>  o New "version" keyword in gml3l0 output.

I'll check in the specification if this new keyword is described and if 
yes I will update the expected result.  Is there any other solution?

>  o windows does expoential notation with three digits instead of two.

I think we have no choice here to have two sets of expected results:  
one for Windows and one for Unix.  Unless we use an external program 
that will compare files and check for numbers precisions like ndiff.

>  o some maps now emit error comments.
I solved one of them: (bug MS1413).

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