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mikiet mike.talbutt at DOTTEDEYES.COM
Thu Aug 31 05:11:45 EDT 2006

Hi there, 

I am new to mapserver and am using java mapscript to create a new
application. I have found documentation on java mapscript prettu hard to
come by, however have managerd to get most of my application up and running
pretty quickly.

Hoever I've fallen into problems annotation the map. My application needs to
be able to annonate the map with rectangles, circles and ellipses.
rectangles were easy, I simply created a new lineObj and added the points
for my rectangle, create a shapeObj adding my lineObj  to it and then added
my shape to the layer as an feature. 

Hoever how would I do this with a circle ?, in previose examples when I have
rendered  points on a map as circles I have created a circle symbol in my
.sym file and applied that symbol to the features, however in my application
when I draw the circle I need to be able to specify the radius. Also I would
prefer the circle annonation to actually be a circle rather then a point
using a circle symbol to render it.

Any help or pointers to documentation would be greatfully appreciated
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