5.0 Roadmap Update (was Volunteer "todo" list...)

Tamas Szekeres szekerest at GMAIL.COM
Fri Dec 1 08:49:54 EST 2006


> The silence on the release manager question is defening... ;-)

I would want to impress a wish for a people who was able to syncronize
the developer's activity for the sake of the cause (like Daniel did
for the previous release)

> I had intended to lump the bugs you reference in the "thread-safety
> improvements" line under performance. I don't know if it's worth listing
> other bugs (beyond those already referenced) or if we should just
> reference a search in bugzilla with a target of 5.0. Using bugzilla
> reduces redundancy.

We should possibly modify this as "thread-safety and memory management
I've found it useful that the developers join together and decide
which of the bugs should
certainly be fixed for the next release.
In addition more developers might be involved in some of the bugs.
(such as the previously mentioned one)

> One area I had thought about adding to the roadmap would be a section
> about breaking backwards compatability. For example, TRANSPARENCY =>
> OPACITY and, possibly changes related to the MINSCALE/MAXSCALE keywords.
> I assume there are other possibilities too that should be captured in
> one place. That would make writing a migration document easier.

The backwards compatibility is the other place where the developers
should be agreed.

> With regards to IRC were you refering to the MapScript/Swig issue
> specifically or broader 5.0 development?

Both of them would be useful, but at the end of the year it's not so
easy to realize it.

Best Regards,


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