patch for mapogcsld.c/h

Peter Freimuth pf at MAPMEDIA.DE
Mon Dec 11 06:03:46 EST 2006

Dear Mapserver-Dev Team,
I found a problem in mapogssld.c in context of using external Graphics.

I suggest to use  extGraphicName as SymbolName instead of the Unique
Name of  created TmpFileName. This will reduce the amount of
created       Symbols, and will also reduce the number of calls to
msHTTPGetFile(). Find attached the modified functions based on code of
current 4.10.0 Release.
I also insert a LIMIT Check for static symbolset.symbol[] in
msSLDGetGraphicSymbol to avoid a crash caused by inserting new Symbols.
Kindest regards,

Mit freundlichem Gruß

Peter Freimuth
MapMedia GmbH
Kartographie und raumbezogene Informationssysteme

Heilbronner Straße 10
D-10711 Berlin Charlottenburg

fon:  +49.(0)30.89 06 82 70
fax:  +49.(0)30.89 06 82 73
mail: pf at
pgp:  on demand

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