4.10/5.0 Roadmap?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Wed Feb 15 22:36:33 EST 2006

Steve Lime wrote:
> I've got a feeling I'm missing some critical parts of the discussion so perhaps
> Dan and Frank can chime in and I can comment more about the inner workings...


I'm not exactly sure what Jerry is proposing, but it seems to relate
to situations where there is no obvious column from Postgres to use as
the shapeindex value.  I think Jerry is thinking of using the absolute
offset within the resultset of the current query which is fine as long
as the query does not change in any way (spatial or filter criteria)
before the shapeindex value is used.

I pointed out to Jerry that folks using MapServer WFS and possibly
other mapserver two-pass query stuff against OGR have had lots of
problems when I did something similar.  I'm not sure if that is
special to the way OGR is integrated in MapServer or not.

Hopefully this provides a bit more context.  I may still be confused
about what Jerry is suggesting, and I'm not very sure of why things
were failing with OGR.  I generally just buckled down and worked to get
a stable "FID" which maps to shapeindex in mapogr.cpp.   That always
seemed to fix things.

Best regards,

>>>> Jerry Pisk <jerry.pisk at GMAIL.COM> 02/15/06 6:58 PM >>>
> Hello,
> I was looking at this and come to the following:
> msLayerGetShape takes two parameters ot identify a shape, a tile and a
> record number. If those numbers do not have to uniquely identify a
> specific shape across msLayerOpen and msLayerClose calls then this is
> going to be a trivial issue to solve, at least for the PostGIS layer
> data type. However, talking to FrankW on IRC I am not sure that this
> is a safe assumption to make, he mentioned this causing problems in
> some usage scenarios. I would appreciate if someone could shed more
> light on this.
> Regards,
> Jerry Pisk
> On 2/1/06, Fernando Simon <fsimon at univali.br> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>>    I have just a little issue for the query support in Mapserver.
>>    It's about the way how Mapserver execute a query (query modes, using
>> itemnquery as example) in databases (Oracle Spatial/PostGIS), One
>> function/query to return just the ID for the row and another function
>> (with the same Select) to return the data from the table. I already
>> exposed to Daniel and Frank the problem and I hope that they have more
>> comments about it.
>>    I believe that this issue can be add in the list for the next
>> release, and will be a good improvement.
>>    Best regards.
>> Fernando Simon

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