4.8.0 Release...

Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Thu Jan 5 13:44:08 EST 2006


Maybe the thing to do is to create a separate file with the fixed 
routine in make it available as a drop in that people can download but 
not as part of the standard mapserver release which would just call the 
broken gd function. This should avoid licensing issues wrt mapserver.

If someone needs the drop in fix then they can grab it and make part of 
their mapserver build. This also means that when the fix is released in 
gd mapserver just keeps on working with/without the drop in fix.

It's a little more work, but makes the integration much easier because 
you don't have to install a patched gd in a production environment and 
worry about security updates to it, etc. Just a thought.

-Steve W.

Steve Lime wrote:
> By trivial I mean 1 line of code in gd.c... One other option would be
> to implement the busted functions in GD within MapServer (fixed of
> course) for the time being. Could introduce licensing headaches
> though.
> Steve
>>>> Stephen Woodbridge <woodbri at swoodbridge.com> 01/05/06 10:09 AM
>>>> >>>
> Anti aliased lines are my primary (only?) reason for moving to 4.8.
> So anything that we can do to facilitate distributing a patch or
> whatever would help. It will take longer than whenever for the new gd
> release to appear on all the distribution packages :(
> -Steve
> Steve Lime wrote:
>> Hi folks: Sean and I found a bug in the antialiasing code (single 
>> pixel lines) within GD that causes segfaults under certain 
>> circumstances. It's a problem with the way they implement clipping 
>> for aa lines. I contacted Thomas Boutell late last night and
>> actually heard back this morning. The issue has been fixed in the
>> upcoming GD 2.0.34 release (no date on that release).
>> How should we handle on our end? This does not affect the fuzzy
>> brush code.
>> I was thinking about asking for a preview release of 2.0.34 and
>> then perhaps adjusting the configure process to detect that
>> version. The patch to fix GD is trivial so we could even offer a
>> patched version (or the patch itself) for folks that want to use
>> aa.
>> Steve

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