4.8.0 Release...

Howard Butler hobu at IASTATE.EDU
Tue Jan 10 16:17:16 EST 2006

I don't think the issue is too critical to warrant a full RC.  In 
fact, I could only provoke the bug once every six times or so under 
very specific conditions.  Valgrind is reporting no leaks or invalid 
memory reads/writes for me and it works on both linux and windows 
with two different SDE runtimes.  I think we're ok (famous last words).


At 03:08 PM 1/10/2006, Daniel Morissette wrote:
>Howard Butler wrote:
>>Well, it didn't cure my problem, but it was a necessary fix.  I 
>>have committed the fix for bug 1606 to both HEAD and 
>>branch-4-8.  See HISTORY.TXT or the bug for more info.
>Unfortunately too late for RC2 which has been packaged by Steve 
>yesterday night (I still have to send an announcement to the users 
>list though). Do you think it would be worth packaging a RC3 with 
>this fix right away and send an announcement for RC3 only?
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>  DM Solutions Group              http://www.dmsolutions.ca/

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