Authentication (Re: Feature polls...)

Mark MacLennan maclenna at VISI.COM
Mon Jan 16 03:27:18 EST 2006

At 10:39 PM 1/15/2006 -0500, Kralidis,Tom [Burlington] wrote:
>Has anyone checked out DACS (  They have a
C/C++ toolkit/API in which one can build modules to stuff like do per layer
authorization, etc.
>I've seen this successfully integrated with CubeWerx WMS/WFS.  Would be
neat to see as a pluggable Apache module for use w/ MapServer.
Very interesting! I had not come across DACS and it is exactly the
functionality I had in mind :-)

A related project I was aware of, although I am not sure how it might apply
to MapServer per se, is GeoXACML ( A demonstraton
has been implemented for a OGC Web Map Service. An OGC discussion paper for
GeoXACML also exists
related to the topic of authorization for digital rights management in the
geospatial domain.


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