Release Candidate 3

Umberto Nicoletti umberto.nicoletti at GMAIL.COM
Thu Jan 19 09:20:22 EST 2006

do you think this bug could be fixed before 4.8 gets out?

It's been there for a month and it looks like a trivial patch to me. I
have tested the patch on 4.6.2.

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On 1/19/06, Frank Warmerdam <warmerdam at> wrote:
> On 1/18/06, Steve Lime <steve.lime at> wrote:
> > Hi all: In case you weren't reading the WKT thread, Frank suggested doing a RC3 based on the latest flurry of changes. The WKT stuff hasn't really been tested broadly so it's worth it. Thoughts?
> >
> > I'm ready to cut a release once the source has been tagged.
> Steve,
> There are two recent bugs:
> I am wondering if we should push to fix them for 4.8 (in
> which case they ought to be fixed before RC3) or just leave
> them for 4.8.1.
> The WKT issues relate to fairly esoteric geometry types (in
> my mind), though they need to be fixed at some point.   The
> "imagemap" bug seems like it could affect alot of other things
> too if we are not ever using vsnprintf().  For instance handling
> of long error messages.   To me this is worth delaying the
> release (and RC3) for.
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