MapServer and Sensor Observation Service

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at DMSOLUTIONS.CA
Fri Jan 27 14:43:37 EST 2006

Brent Fraser wrote:
> Daniel,
>   We have currently have a system to retrieve information from sensors
> (tracking units), populate a PostGIS database, and display the information
> graphically and in a table.  Each of those operations, including
> configuration and administration, is done by a separate application.  Would
> the SOS replace any or all of those?

As I wrote in my other reply that crossed yours, we are only looking at 
publishing the observation data via a SOS interface. The task of 
collecting the sensor data and storing it into a database would still be 
done independently of MapServer.

It could be interesting to know more about the way your database is 
structured to make sure that whatever we do will be compatible with as 
many types of uses as possible. If you are interested then you could 
send some info off-list to Tom and Assefa who are currently working 
together on this.

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