mapserver-4.8.0-rc2 wfs filter bugs

Jani Averbach javerbach at EXTENDTHEREACH.COM
Tue Jan 31 12:38:08 EST 2006

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> From: Yewondwossen Assefa
> Subject: Re: mapserver-4.8.0-rc2 wfs filter bugs
>  Thanks for looking into this. I have updated bug 1615 with the 
> informatuion and  commited the fix in the cvs head.

>  I think there is seem to be general consusus not add 
> anything for the 4.8 release so It can be relased. What do you 
> think if we add it for the 4.8.1 release ?

I think it makes perfect sense: The pointer bug is in error path, and you are 
basically out of luck in any case if you hit this (out-of memory). And so far
1615 is the only case which has triggered this second problem, so if you think 
it can wait I am fine with that. As you said, we are in RC phase at the moment.

Best Regards,

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