MapServer 4.8.4 released

Daniel Morissette dmorissette at MAPGEARS.COM
Thu Jul 13 14:54:09 EDT 2006

MapServer 4.8.4 has just been released. This new release addresses a few 
issues that were fixed since version 4.8.3 and contains no new 
functionality. The list of fixes since 4.8.3 is included at the end of 
this message, the full change log can also be browsed online at

The source package is available in the MapServer downloads page:
Precompiled binaries should be available shortly at the usual locations 
(also linked from the download page above).

Daniel Morissette

Version 4.8.4 (2006-07-12)

- msCloneOutputFormat() needs to propagate inmapfile flag (bug 1823).

- Mark dynamically created mapscript outputFormatObj's as inmapfile
   (bug 1816)

- Missing GEOS support caused heap corruption using shapeObj C# on
   linux (Bug 1801)

- Fixed leak of shapefile handles (shp/shx/dbf) on tiled layers
   (bug 1802)

- Support treating POLYGONZ as MS_SHAPE_POLYGON.  (bug 1784)

- Force stdin into binary mode on win32 when reading post bodies.
   (bug 1768)

- Output feature id as @fid instead of @gml:id in WFS 1.0.0 / GML 2.1.2
   GetFeature requests (bug 1759)

- Preventing to take ownership of the memory when constructing objects
   with parent objects using C# mapscript (causing nullreference
   exception, Bug 1743)

- Fixed FP exception in mapgd.c when pixmap symbol 'sizey' not set
   (bug 1735)

- Fixed problem with mycursor not being closed on layer close in the
   mappostgis.c module (bug 1757).

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