XML Mapfiles... are we looking to far?

Frank Warmerdam warmerdam at POBOX.COM
Wed Jul 19 13:58:41 EDT 2006

Ned Harding wrote:
> Just to throw my 2 cents into this debate:  although I would prefer an 
> XML interface over the existing interface, I worry that if there are 2 
> different interfaces that they will quickly get out of sync, make 
> development of new features more difficult and generally cause more bugs 
> than they solve.


I have the same concern.  Not just from the software point of view, but
also from the point of view of requiring more work on documentation, and
more challenges with users helping users.  This doesn't mean that someone
shouldn't do some experiments with XSL and XML mapfiles, but I'm hesitant
to treat this as a supported feature, especially since the benefits of an
XML mapfile seem modest to me.

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