ArcSDE 9.1 Support

Dave McCann mccann.dave at GMAIL.COM
Wed Jun 21 12:30:11 EDT 2006

We're looking into implementing mapserver in a production environment
utilizing SDE connections to map data.
I was looking at the current docs on SDE and saw that spatial selects are
currently only supported by queryByAttributes and queryByRect.
Is there any activity for developing a queryByPoly (select based on spatial
area of a polygon)?
We've considered using Tomcat to poke into SDE for the spatial select as a
workaround but would prefer to use any existing functionality in mapserver. 
I've been trying to conduct some local testing of performance with SDE
layers but have been unsuccessful with a simple single layer request. Can
anyone point me to a thread or any documentation that I can use in
troubleshooting our current mapserver config (MS4W) with SDE?
Dave McCann

Progressive Partnering Inc.

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