Steve Lime steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US
Sat Mar 4 18:45:48 EST 2006

That's one's not really a feature, more of a bug fix. No outward change required by users so I'd be ok with having in 4.8.


>>> Howard Butler <hobu at IASTATE.EDU> 03/04/06 5:01 PM >>>
The query optimization thing could go into head or in 4.8, but it is 
a somewhat minor change in behavior.  I have not applied any changes 
for this to either HEAD or 4.8, however.

At 11:52 AM -0600 3/4/06, Steve Lime wrote:
>Hi all: I'm wondering if we should consider a 4.8.2 soon? There are 
>a couple of outstanding issues that should be included but I'm not 
>sure the status:
>   - rolling back the symbol size computation to use just height (4.6 behavior)
>   - SDE support is broken in 4.8 (missing lines in mapsde.c)
>   - SDE point queries broken with new versions SDE libs because it 
>chokes on zero-area rectangles
>   - SDE and Oracle Spatial msLayerWhichShapes optimizations related 
>to attribute queries (this one could wait)

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