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Stephen Woodbridge woodbri at SWOODBRIDGE.COM
Mon Mar 6 11:31:14 EST 2006


I am not a lawyer so you might want to get the OSGeo Lawyer to comment 
on you questions below, but I would think the you would need to get 
releases from all affiliations that one might have submitted code under. 
In your example you could personally sign the release for your 
contribution, but what if DNR, or UMN later came back and said, "Hey, 
you were would under contract and we did not authorize you giving away 
those code bits." then there would be a problem. It is a little extra 
paper work but assuming there are not problems it should get done 
quickly and creates a clean release chain for all the code. And if there 
is a problem, then that is what this vetting process is all about.

-Steve W.

Steve Lime wrote:
> Hi all: As part of the OSGF incubator process we will need to deal
> with contributor agreements for both new and past contributors to
> MapServer. I'd like to start compiling a list of folks that have
> added significant (more than simple bug fixes) bits of code. I'll
> post a list based on who has CVS access later today or tonite to kick
>  things off, but would ask you all to think about who you've worked
> with that might not be widely known.
> For example, Pete Olson with the State of Minnesota contributed the
> EPPL7 and much of original raster code but is not widely known. I'm
> sure there are others.
> Other thoughts:
> 1)  How should an organization like DMSG be handled? Should an
> organization sign an agreement like this or should individual
> developers? (there are proposed agreements for both cases)
> 2) Should I have to sign 3 agreements, one for each organization I
> have contributed code under? (UMN, DNR, and as myself)
> 3) What exactly is the definition of "significant bits of code"?
> You can read the draft agreements on the OSGEO wiki:
> Steve

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