Memory Leaks/Crash bugs...

Ned Harding nharding at EXTENDTHEREACH.COM
Mon Mar 6 19:24:00 EST 2006

1st - Just an FYI - I fixed a major crash bug in the label cache when
you have LOTS of objects.  I'll get Jani to review and commit for me
when he has some time.

2nd - memory leaks

Again with LOTS (20,000+) of label items I am getting a LOT of memory
leaks with the following stack (This is MapServer 4.6 code still)
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\base\ftsystem.c (109): ft_realloc
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\base\ftutil.c (137): FT_Realloc
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\base\ftobjs.c (2356): FT_CMap_New
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\sfnt\ttcmap.c (2179):
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\sfnt\sfobjs.c (609): sfnt_load_face
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\truetype\ttobjs.c (209): tt_face_init
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\base\ftobjs.c (931): open_face
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\base\ftobjs.c (1635): FT_Open_Face
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\freetype\src\base\ftobjs.c (987): FT_New_Face
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\gd\gdft.c (473): fontFetch
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\gd\gdcache.c (124): gdCacheGet
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\gd\gdft.c (898): gdImageStringFTEx
    s:\3rdparty\gfx\gd\gdft.c (804): gdImageStringFT
    s:\3rdparty\gis\mapserver\maplabel.c (314): msGetLabelSize
    s:\3rdparty\gis\mapserver\mapgd.c (2870): msDrawLabelCacheGD
    s:\3rdparty\gis\mapserver\mapdraw.c (1897): msDrawLabelCache
    s:\3rdparty\gis\mapserver\mapdraw.c (542): msDrawMap

Anyone know about this already?  If not I'll spend a little time digging
in to it.

I am guessing that we are the only people who have embedded MapServer
into desktop products and allowing users to throw crazy/bad data at it?

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