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Minor point about Jani and I...  Our company is SRC, LLC.  The URL is  I know its confusing, but don't blame me, blame
the marketing folks.  

As far as our organization, I think that one agreement signed by me
would be enough, since our contributions are directed by me.  That might
not be true of all organizations though.  There should probably be a
organization agreement and an individual agreement.  It shouldn't matter
much if you get 1 org agreement signed by an officer, or an individual
agreement signed by every contributor, but then again, the lawyers might
have their own opinion.


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Attached is a list based on some searches of the list archives, CVS
password files, and source greps. I appologize if I've missed anyone,
but it is certainly possible. There is a lot of code and many years to
cover. This is only contribution through code. Please pass along

Attached as CSV and Excel files...


>>> Steve Lime <steve.lime at DNR.STATE.MN.US> 03/06/06 10:16 AM >>>
Hi all: As part of the OSGF incubator process we will need to deal with
contributor agreements for both new and past contributors to MapServer.
I'd like to start compiling a list of folks that have added significant
(more than simple bug fixes) bits of code. I'll post a list based on who
has CVS access later today or tonite to kick things off, but would ask
you all to think about who you've worked with that might not be widely

For example, Pete Olson with the State of Minnesota contributed the
EPPL7 and much of original raster code but is not widely known. I'm sure
there are others.

Other thoughts:

  1)  How should an organization like DMSG be handled? Should an
organization sign an agreement like this
  or should individual developers? (there are proposed agreements for
both cases)

  2) Should I have to sign 3 agreements, one for each organization I
have contributed code under? (UMN,
  DNR, and as myself)

  3) What exactly is the definition of "significant bits of code"?

You can read the draft agreements on the OSGEO wiki: 


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