maplexer.c and new CONNECTIONTYPE value

Robert Hollingsworth reh2 at PRODIGY.NET
Thu Mar 9 01:09:39 EST 2006

I'm developing on WinXP in the MS4.6.2 code base, adding a new input source
type, such that the switches in maplayer.c will include my new "MS_XXX" and
launch into msXXXLayer functions that I'm developing.

I want the Mapfile LAYER.CONNECTIONTYPE to accept a new value "XXX" and
toward that end I have:

map.h: added to MS_CONNECTION_TYPE enum MS_XXX

mapfile.c: in loadLayer() case CONNECTIONTYPE added MS_XXX as arg to
getSymbol(), but I notice that's all wrapped up in msxxlex(), so...

I've seen maplexer.l, which I understand to be fuel for the flex program,
and running flex on that will give me maplexer.c, but the evidence I've seen
suggests that flex doesn't run on windows.

Must I somehow get maplexer.c altered to show something similar to
case 238:
#line 349 "maplexer.l"
{ return(MS_WMS); }
in order to get the rest of the things I've done to work right?  Or is it
much more complicated than that?  Or can I leave maplexer.c completely alone?


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