maplexer.c and new CONNECTIONTYPE value

Tamas Szekeres szekeres.tamas at FREEMAIL.HU
Thu Mar 9 05:05:11 EST 2006


If you are developing a new layer feature provider you might want to consult
Jani, if

gives you a feasible solution. But you should have to upgrade your version
from 4.6. then.

maplexer.c is genereted from maplexer.l so it is not recommended to modify

On Win32 this file (along with mapparser.c and mapparser.h) is known
creatable with the gnuwin32 versions of flex 2.5.4, bison 1.875 by using the
following commands:

bison.exe -p msyy -d -omapparser.c mapparser.y
flex.exe -Pmsyy -i -omaplexer.c maplexer.l

If you don't want to consider upgrading your version in the future you may
surely change your source files as your will. (Not recommended)

Best Regards,

Tamas Szekeres

On Thu, 9 Mar 2006 00:09:39 -0600, Robert Hollingsworth <reh2 at PRODIGY.NET>

>I'm developing on WinXP in the MS4.6.2 code base, adding a new input source
>type, such that the switches in maplayer.c will include my new "MS_XXX" and
>launch into msXXXLayer functions that I'm developing.
>I want the Mapfile LAYER.CONNECTIONTYPE to accept a new value "XXX" and
>toward that end I have:
>map.h: added to MS_CONNECTION_TYPE enum MS_XXX
>mapfile.c: in loadLayer() case CONNECTIONTYPE added MS_XXX as arg to
>getSymbol(), but I notice that's all wrapped up in msxxlex(), so...
>I've seen maplexer.l, which I understand to be fuel for the flex program,
>and running flex on that will give me maplexer.c, but the evidence I've seen
>suggests that flex doesn't run on windows.
>Must I somehow get maplexer.c altered to show something similar to
>case 238:
>#line 349 "maplexer.l"
>{ return(MS_WMS); }
>in order to get the rest of the things I've done to work right?  Or is it
>much more complicated than that?  Or can I leave maplexer.c completely alone?

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